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Career Portal is 1st CareerGuide is about career queries related to searched studies, jobs, exams alert, colleges search, and is made for all Students, Teachers, Parents, guardian, and Consultants.This relevance 1st app covers more and over than 200+ career options and Professional level Courses after schooling and Graduation with containing many exclusive quora on many career courses and it has wide detailed approach of structure information on various topics related to jobs exams career education/also covered wide range of higher education courses after completion of class 10 and 12th exams or equivalent exams, together with colleges, exams and news, jobs and all other content related to great career building which all together help you to choose great careers.Career guide developing career education display combination of aptitude, general knowledge, facts, verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning in making career education.CareerGuide cover all education topics such as engineering & technology, a medical life, arts and ideas, commerce and culture, science & education,best exams, exams for everyone, jobs in India, all included in one app place.This is the No.1 & 1st grade app for all aspirants to cope studies on wide subjects of careers, exams, colleges, detailed study, preparation for various competition and others detailed searched on various extra cocurricular activities describe with photos, videos, and video shows, and review on searched colleges, exams, and other exams prep 2018-2019.

Career Knowledge -CareerGuide education app is designed in such a way that you would be able to find all guide for higher academic necessary information in one place and you can also choose related schooling criteria such as which eligibility is necessary to find the best career opportunity & say that this app would stand on your side to help you to get the best career option to get the best career opportunity in your academic life.Career Knowledge App help the aspirants to choose the right Career Path after class 12.App provides comprehensive information to enable students to decide on the right Career Choices.It also provides detailed information for students choosing Engineering, Medical, Science, Law, Design, Arts, and Management and exams job knowledge.Ck allows students to stay in tune with the current trend in the education field and also provide Career tips, exams, and Career options to do research on various studies deeply and get the clear concept of various terms of careers, exams, colleges, and other studies topper approach. This app can lead you to the growth of success insider bring you happiness in your exams, career, colleges, competitive and entrance examination all given in one place. Many stuff & materials on career options guide & education skills & career life!

These are the quick reason why should be download this application:

• Searching for a career to choose.
• Conscious about your future
• Want to know various career options after schooling and even after graduation.
• Want to know information related to career options and various types of Works and Professional Jobs.
• Interested in knowing work style and lifestyle of different professions. • Interested in knowing many entrance exams accordingly to your Career @2020
• Choose Your Career Wisely and Smartly.

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