Discover new and unique cuisine for take-out and delivery, all via the free, fun-to-use RushOrder: Order Food Delivery, Takeout, & Dine-in mobile app.

With the RushOrder on-demand food ordering app, you can:
• Browse through our uniquely curated list of authentic restaurants, many of which you won’t find on the other apps out there, with convenient filtering and search tools (Wow, my favorite pho place delivers? I can order kimchi soon tofu soup from local hidden gem joints?)
• Explore cuisine that you didn’t even know existed as you peruse through our image-based menus, many of which have been directly translated by our team to bring you the most authentic options around
• Track your delivery, take-out, and dine-in orders as they are being fulfilled with realtime order status updates for every step of the way (Looks like the restaurant’s prepping my grub! Nice, my food’s on the way!)
• Best-in-class service, with a highly knowledgeable customer support team, all contributing to RushOrder’s labeling by many as the Virtual Tour Guide of ondemand food ordering apps (Can’t figure out what to eat…good thing I can reach out to the RushOrder folks to help me decide what I’m in the mood for! I love those guys.)
• Other key features include In-App Live Chat, RapidOrders for quick-and-easy reordering, Pre-Ordering, Credit Card Scanning for those times when you’re just too lazy to manually punch in your credit card info, and all sorts of other good stuff!

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